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Available Home Loans For The Self-Employed

Are Home Loans In Australia Available For The Self-Employed?

Being self-employed may have been a long time dream of yours. You finally have broken free from the strains of a boss and are able to take control of how you spend your entire day. However, when it comes to obtaining home loans in Australia, it can make the process a bit difficult.

When a person that is employed by someone else submits applications for home loans in Australia, they are typically required to submit multiple documents to show their proof of income. When you’re self-employed, this can be a little tricky to do since you don’t have these documents in their regular form. You can still apply for Home Loan Loans.com.au in Australia, however, you may have to apply for a Low Doc mortgage. This simply means a mortgage application with a low amount of documentation for the lender to make a decision of whether to lend to you or not.

While you’re getting prepared for applying for home loans in Australia as a self-employed individual, there are some things you should be doing. First, you want to be self-employed in the same business for at least one full year. Most lenders won’t even consider your application if you’ve just recently switched to a self-employed status. Realize that the longer you’ve been self-employed with the same business, the more eligible you’ll be for a lower interest rate as you’ll be perceived as less risky by the lender.

One thing that every person applying for home loans in Australia should have is a good credit history. If you’ve had some derogatory marks in the past, such as charge-offs or missed payments, you may want to speak to a professional about getting them removed. Ensure that you always make your payments on time, keep your accounts open for long periods of time, and don’t seek new credit too often. You can manage these by calculating your repayments with Home Loans Calculator Loans.com.au
These will all help ensure you come across with a good credit history so the lender will trust giving you their money.

Your collateral can make a big difference in whether or not you get approved for a home loan. If you want to increase your chances of approval for home loans in Australia, you should try to acquire as many assets as possible. The more valuable assets you have, the more likely a lender is going to approve your application. This is simply due to the fact that they’re sure they’ll be able to seize those assets, sell them off, and get their money back that they lent you.

Being self-employed does make getting a traditional home loan a bit more difficult than normal. You will be required to provide more valuable assets as collateral and show a good stable history of generating income. However, as long as you know what you need, you can set up your financial situation to look favorable to a lender.

Types Of Australian Home Loans

Types Of Australian Home Loans To Choose From

If your credit is acceptable, getting a home loan is your best path to home ownership. Few people can afford to outright purchase a home in Australia. Instead, they take out one of many types of Australian home loans to finally move into their dream house. By the time most people would pay off a house, they would be too old to actually create memories there and enjoy it. Different types of Australian home loans will be perfect for different types of borrowers. Here’s a short primer detailing the many thousands of different types of Australian Home Loans that are available to you.

Honeymoon loans

Honeymoon hints that it’s going to be the first of its kind. That’s exactly what honeymoon Australian home loans are: They are for first time home buyers. The interest rates and payback terms will be based on this. These loans are often easier to get than other types of Loans.com.au Home Loan.

Construction loans

These Australian home loans are designed for people who want to build their future home from the ground up. You’ll pay interest only for the duration of the construction and only then will you wade into deeper payments. This is convenient if you’re the type of person who has to “have it your way” in life. A home construction is also an exciting thing in Australia.


Professional loans venture into the realm of those borrowers who need to take out $250,000 or more. Home loans of this nature are going to have some perks but they’re also probably going to have some stricter requirements as far as credit goes. This is a large sum of money to take out for any one human being, so if you’re not heading into it with stellar credit and a great income, you might have difficulty getting any type of loan for this amount.

Buying a home in Australia is an exciting prospect for the very young and old alike. Some people need to buy their first home. Others are upgrading from their old one and might have funds from the sell of another house. There are so many other types of Australian home loans, but they are impossible to cover in just one brief article.

If you’re ready to wade into the pleasure of home ownership, you’ll find that your real estate company is more than willing to discuss these types of loans and many others. It could be that there’s a more obscure form of loan that will be more beneficial to you. Discuss all of these things with your real estate company and make SURE you’re comfortable with the type of loan you take out. Buying a house is a long-term commitment and legal contract. It’s not anything to be taken lightly. Discuss everything you can with your worker and make sure that you ask good questions that give you answers. Only when you can buy with confidence should you go ahead and sign on the dotted line.

Home Loan Tips Australia

Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Lowering Payments on Australian Home Loans Prior to Signing their Contracts

Today’s global consumer financial market is conclusively wiling to take on more debt today than ever before. Debt is taken on more freely in Australia than arguably any other country, continent, state, province, or region in the world. In 2015, the average Aussie spent just short of $170,000 even, despite only bringing in an approximate average of $80,000, after taxes.

Over half of all consumer debt in the land down under – home of not-so-cuddly kangaroos, koala bears, and aboriginals just three decades ago finally finishing the last bout of first contact with modernized humans – is in the form of Australian home loans. Out of about 9,000,000 homes in the country, there have been approximately 60,000 Australian home loans originated each and every year for the past half-decade, hitting a low of 40,000 in 2009, after the global financial crisis hit. Australian home loans are very expensive, coming in at an average of $376,200 per loan!

While it’s not possible to get the citizens of this great country – or any country across the planet for that matter – to stop spending so much that’s not owned by them already, racking up huge piles of consumer debt that the majority of Australians won’t dig themselves out of. Take note of the several tips, tricks, and strategies below for saving money on Australian home loans. With so many people taking on debt like there will not be a sunrise the following day, it’s important for them – that’s probably you, too – to utilize the below tools in saving money on Australian home loans.

First things first, you should go see a financial advisor. Make sure to bring printouts of literally everything financial related to your life: debt, income, credit report and score, pictures of living spaces and cars, schedules of planned future income, and the list goes on. Your advisor will recommend any other financial information you should bring along with you in discussing Australian home loans with banks, financial institutions, and other lenders prior to inking your John Hancock – that’s an American term for “signature” – on any home loan agreement.
Why use a Mortgage Loan Calculator?
Be prompt in closing deals, as financial servicers don’t like having to wait weeks on end for clients to make their minds up. As such, indecisive clients are often charged more for spending too much time deciding what they wish to do, if not forced to fork over sums of “honesty” funds, those that keep clients from backing out on deals and keeps them close to their original word.

Seek out Australian Loans.com.au Home Loan with short terms, rather than long, drawn-out financing terms that take 20, 25, 30 years, or even longer to pay off completely. Further, make sure any Australian home loans you sign up for don’t have penalties for consumers who pay early to avoid excess interest, essentially resulting in no discounts no matter how quickly you pay lenders back.

Place a down payment at least one-quarter of the principal – the home’s purchase price – at once. This makes loan terms shorter, likely causes interest rates to be lower, and also reduces lender’s and closing fees, ultimately saving you loads of cash.

Australian Home Loans Value

Australian Home Loans Value

Buying a home is a dream for many people. One of the most important aspects of buying a home is getting a home loan. There are many variables to consider before getting an Australian home loan. With the booming real estate market in Australia, many people are rushing to banks to get financing.

Before going to a bank, it is best to do some research on how to get qualified. One of the most important parts of getting qualified for an Home Loans Loans.com.au is your credit score. This is a score that measures how well you have borrowed and paid back money over your life.


There are some people who have a low income who want to purchase a home. Although it may seem impossible to get qualified, there are ways to improve your odds of approval. Working a second job for a year or two is a great way to increase your income and improve your chances of getting approved.

Debt Ratios

Many people in Australia struggle with high levels of debt. Before getting a home loan, borrowers may need to reduce the overall debt that they are carrying. The bank will use a variety of debt ratios to assess your overall financial risk. The more debt that you are carrying relative to your income, the higher your financial risk is to the bank.

In the last housing crash, many banks lost money and customers because they were not strict enough on borrowers. Banks now have more regulations in place to protect themselves financially in the event of a default issue. This means that borrowers have to be in a better financial position before getting approved for a home loan.

Finding a Property

Looking for a home to buy is a great experience. There are many people in Australia who are trying to find a home to fit their needs. Getting an Australian home loan is a long process. Once you find the home that you want to purchase, you have to get an appraisal on the property. The bank wants to make sure that the property is worth as much as you are buying it for.

Final Thoughts

Overall, getting approved for an Australian home loan is not an easy process. However, if you are organized, you will have a much easier time getting approval. People who have a high income and low debt levels will have the highest chance of getting approved.

The more work you do in the beginning, the less you will have to do once the approval process gets started. Many banks today offer online approvals for people who want to go through the process online. Now is a great time to get an Australian home loan and purchase a home.

Australian Home Loans

Statistics About Australian Home Loans, As Well As Securing Top-Notch Mortgage Financing

Australia is one of the top destinations to travel and settle down in, offering hundreds of miles of popular beaches, tons of attractions on par with the Sydney Opera House, and endless swaths of desert that aboriginals live in, providing residents with tons of things to keep themselves busy and having the times of their lives. As the “land down under” is so enjoyable to reside in, many people seek to purchase homes in the area. However, because people can’t afford to fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of cold hard cash on purchasing a place to live, they often opt for Australian home loans. www.loans.com.au/home-loans
According to the Australian Census Bureau, the country houses, give or take, 9 million places to live, most being regular, traditional houses. Back 70 years ago, before most readers were born, only 53% of family units – including single individuals without marriages or children – owned their homes outright or held mortgages against them, made possible by financial institutions with programs for Australian home loans. If we move forward 64 years in the future like Marty McFly, 2011 proved that two-thirds of Australians either legitimately owned their places of residence or were actively remitting mortgage payments to lenders.
What’s even more concerning is how expensive Australian home loans’ repayment plans are on the working-class people who use them as a last resort for securing a reasonably nice-to-them place to live. According to a study done on housing affordability in Australia carried out in March of 2015, 31.5% of monthly income belonging to those who had at least one outstanding payment on Australian home loans went directly to these mortgages. Conversely, people that rented their houses paid less than one-quarter of their income towards living expenses. The last, and most alarming, statistic we’ll cover is the proportion of Australian home loans to the rest of overall outstanding consumer debt. More than 75% of the two billion dollars’ worth of consumer debt balances in the country went to payments for Australian home loans. Now, let’s figure out how they work to obtain top-notch terms and borrowing conditions.It’s so obvious it’s almost worth not bringing up, but every applicant for Australian home loans should have high credit scores. If they don’t, they should look for credit score strategies to raise them as quickly as possible. Waiting a few months, or even a couple of years, prior to taking out a mortgage on a home in Australia is far more affordable in the long run than being hasty and not building their credit up.



Shop around the local market for low lender’s and closing fees. Consider purchasing a home from a private owner, as fees are virtually nonexistent outside of the financial institutions than maintain financial activity.

If you can’t afford more than one-quarter of your potential home’s purchase price in cash the day that the housing transaction is finalized, save up for a few months – if not even longer – to knock down the amount you pay each and every month.